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5Rock Ranch Prayer Posse

"The Battle Is Won On The Mountain Of Intercession, 

Not In The Valley Of Interaction." 

The survival of this ministry, and the writing of every undeniably God story, is predicated on the will of God.

To seek His will, we ask our Prayer Wranglers to uphold us in prayer every day.

What is the Prayer Posse?

  • People who agree to pray regularly for       someone staying or working at the ranch.

  • People who agree to pray regularly for:



For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers... against cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places. Please pray for spiritual protection over all who support this ministry. 



This is a large ranch and we serve many people. Things wear out. Items need replacing or maintenance. We also have larger crucial projects  that are important to our ministry. Please pray for funding for these projects, and for people, who feel led by God, to come and help. 



Please continue to pray for God's financial provision to help cover the ongoing upkeep of the ranch, including utilities, insurance, and maintenance which are our largest expenses. Keeping the lights on and providing heat for hundreds of guests is a huge, but necessary daily expense.

If you want to join the Prayer Posse, please

contact us and we'll send all the information you need.

A Message From Scott


Thank you for considering becoming a part of the 5Rock Ranch Prayer Posse. We desperately need you and others to uphold us in prayer each day. The past years have shown us that God is blessing this ministry in a myriad of ways. As we live life in this community, we witness His provision and protection of our staff, volunteers, and those we serve. We believe 5Rock Ranch is undeniably God’s! The tangible proof is in the stories of how He provided this ranch for a dollar a year in rent, how He continues to provide for our daily needs, and how He brings floundering individuals and families here and transforms their shattered lives.

  5Rock Ranch operates 100% on Faith in our Living God and the promises found in His Word.


Here are a few examples of how 5Rock Ranch operates by faith:

  1. God provides everything. We don't seek out support, nor do we conduct any fund raiser events. We are funded by believers who see what God is doing here and are lead to give. 

  2. God calls individuals to come and serve. All our staff members were called by God to leave their careers and serve here for a period of time. We have only a couple minimally paid staff members and the rest receive only room and board.

  3. God leads each and every individual and fatherless family here, we don’t seek them out. The Bible says that Jesus will “Leave the ninety-nine to seek after the one who is lost." Hundreds of shattered lives have been lead to 5Rock Ranch over the years.


The individuals who arrive at 5Rock Ranch are stuck in major battles with their flesh. Although we see many who succeed, there are some who loose their battle and return to their old way of life. The devil steals sheep and we rely on our Prayer Posse's intercessory prayer to keep His sheep here, or bring them back. Prayer is the foundational support of this ministry. Our 5Rock Prayer Posse battles alongside us in this war with the flesh!


Please Contact Us and let us know that you are interested in joining our Prayer Posse. We will send you a link to a bible teaching by Pastor Jon Courson of Applegate Christian Fellowship that will help you understand your vital role in this ministry. We strive for victory for each person who is led here. After you hear this teaching and you still want to pray for our ministry, you will receive regular confidential emails with specific prayer requests for each person living at the ranch.

In Him,

Scott Bradley

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