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Ranch Life

In the book of Isaiah, God asks the Children of Israel, "Why do you continue to go to Egypt (today, Egypt is a metaphor for the sinful world) for their advice?” He goes on to say, “It's in returning to Me and rest, you’ll be saved. Quietness and confidence in Me will be your strength, but you won't do it."

5Rock Ranch exists to make it easier for those who finally decide to leave a sinful life behind and seek the Lord. The ranch is a Christ-centered community where those who are lost and struggling can come and live for a season. This gives them the needed time, in a safe place, to seek the Lord and rebuild their lives.

People come here to retreat from the world, to be rescued from the sin that binds them, and to be restored. Most single moms and their kids who live at the ranch are fleeing violence, trying to end addictions, or seeking a safe place to start over. They come broken, alone, and in serious trouble. Young men and women come for many of the same reasons. 5Rock Ranch us where each of their “Undeniably God” stories begin.

A Usual Day at 5Rock

The “rhythm of the ranch” on a weekday looks like this:
  • 8:00am              Praise Cafe’

  • 9:00am              Homeschooling (moms & kids) ~ Other adults life                               skills

  • 12:00pm             Lunch

  • 1:00pm               All adults are in Journey class and volunteers are                              with kids for afternoon activities

  • 4:00pm              School is out ~ free time

  • 5:00pm              Back to the cabins for dinner and evening routine

The “rhythm of the ranch” on the weekends goes like this:
  • Saturday           Time to do our weekly home and ranch chores

  • Sunday              Travel to NCC (Northwest Christian Church) in                                    Newberg for church, then enjoy the rest of the day                            at the ranch.

The Journey

Our core ministry curriculum is called Journey.  Created specifically for 5Rock Ranch, Journey is designed to restore each guest to the Lord, renew them in the Lord and establish them for the Lord.

We ask all of our residents to be willing to dedicate at least four months to a year to living at the ranch, seeking God for direction and learning who they are in Christ.

Journey Celebration

Celebrating changed lives is our mission. Each year we celebrate each person wherever they are on their personal journey. We don't graduate.  We continue to grow in our walk with the Lord and our goal is that those on the Journey will have learned a new way of walking with the Spirit and abiding in Him. (John 15)

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