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Chey's Story continued...

The word of God tells us in the book of Joel that the Lord will restore the years the locusts have eaten. And indeed he has in Chey’s life. In fact, so much happened in the last five plus years, it would take way too long to share it all. But here are the highlights…



1. Chey completed the Journey and it impacted her life so much that she wanted to give back. So, she joined crew and started serving with us at 5Rock.

2. After serving on the crew, she came to the absolute conclusion that the Lord wanted her to minister to all the “Chey’s” the Lord brought to the ranch. So she joined the staff.

3. In all this, Christy and I fell in love with Chey. Amazingly she fell in love with us too. We were called to adopt Chey legally at the age of 36! In fact, we legally adopted her on her 36th birthday… and she became Cheyenne Marrs Bradley.

4. Chey’s daughter Kam was abandoned in all of Chey’s years of addiction, and we prayed that would be restored. And, it has been restored to the point that Kam has moved to the ranch, accepted Jesus as her personal savior, and is wanting to change her life in such a way she can stay closer to her mom, and her mom’s ministry.

5. Chey and her biological family have been restored. She and her mom, Robin, are now enjoying a relationship they both always had hoped for. Her relationship with siblings and extended family is now reconciled and love has been restored. 

6. Chey is now a certified Peer Mentor for the Newberg Court and is involved in a jail ministry where she is allowed to disciple women who are stuck the life she was. We call this 5Rock outreach 15/4 because in Luke 15:4 the Lord tells us that He will leave the 99 sheep for the lost one. That was Chey, and that is who the Lord brings to 5Rock for us to minister to!


There is so much more… but I wanted to give you all that to tell you what Jesus is doing now in Chey’s life, and through Chey’s life. 

Chey has taken over the women’s ministry at 5Rock Ranch. She has worked literally by my side for the last 3 years, and she now is fully responsible for all of the women’s ministry. Single moms and the kiddos, and the “floundering adult” women, and the young ladies. 

Chey is the Women’s Ministry Director for 5Rock Ranch. She is doing a phenomenal job. Christy and I, as well as our Board of Directors, are all so proud of her. 

Jesus took someone off the streets, put her in jail, and gave her a choice of prison or “Jesus Camp”. She said she was not going to “Jesus Camp”. However, in jail her cellmate led her to Jesus and made her promise to contact us. 

The rest is history as they say. Or, as I like to say, is His Story. 

Chey has discipled and led so many gals to the Lord. And, she has truly become such a huge asset for the 5Rock Ranch ministry, as well as our family personally. It really doesn’t surprise us, because we all know she was handpicked by the Lord for this calling. 

I wanted you to know the highlights of Chey’s incredible transformation that happened at 5Rock Ranch. 

I wanted you to know that Chey is now the Director of our Women’s Ministry at 5Rock Ranch. 

This story was written by her dad, Scott.

Chey's full story coming soon!

The Lord will restore the years the locusts have eaten.

I'm not going to no Jesus Camp!

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