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5Rock Sickness Policy

There is so much concern these days about all the contagious viruses, we’d want to share with you where 5Rock Ranch stands.  We realize it’s confusing and overwhelming. We all know someone who has either recently been sick, or is currently sick. Not to mention that any of us who has been in the public over the last couple of years has been exposed in one way or another to the circulating viruses.  5Rock Ranch feels confident that we should handle these viruses as we have all the other infectious diseases over the years:

1. If you know you are ill or have symptoms of illness, we would expect you to stay home, get rested and well.  We also recognize families with young children might never be able to venture out if they stayed home with every runny nose or cold symptom, so please just use wisdom and your best judgment in these cases.
2. If you do not have any symptoms of illness, we welcome you without trying to keep track of every possible exposure.  We must live life and keep a healthy perspective of overall risk.
3. Most importantly, we believe each of us needs to be walking in the Spirit, asking God to show us where to go, when to go, when to stay, who to visit, etc.  This didn’t start with the introduction of Covid 19.  This is how God’s people are to live, every day, in every circumstance.  We encourage each of you to seek the Lord and listen to His leading, and do what He calls you to.  The Lord knows His plans for you.

5Rock Ranch does not require masks or vaccinations.  We have sanitizing stations throughout the lodge and ask people to use good hygiene practices to limit the spread of diseases. If this is a concern to you we respect that.  Please feel free to wear a mask, social distance, or let us know that you would like to be assigned a volunteer task that will not have you in contact with others. 

Our prayer is 5Rock Ranch, and all the gatherings at 5Rock Ranch, would be a safe place for those the Lord brings to restore them to Him, renew them in Him, and establish them with Him.

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