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Treyton's Story Continued...

It's crazy, but God really did give us (5Rock) a boat for the summer. So, we're out on the river for our inaugural cruise when we see this little boy on the shore asking his mom if he can go on the boat. No problem we say, as long as you come with him. Now that we know Amber and Trey,  we realize how this was so out of character for her to allow her little autistic boy to get on a boat with total strangers, but she did... so they jumped on! Trey immediately ran to the front of the boat and landed in the lap of a complete stranger.

As we parted ways that day, a little voice told us that they were probably one of our "customers" at the ranch... yep... that's how God works. Amber made contact with us to find out more about this crazy place we call 5Rock Ranch. She came for a visit, then she was ready to dive in the deep end. "Really, are you sure?" we asked. Without hesitation, the two of them left everything they knew and moved to the ranch for the journey of a lifetime.

Their world had turned upside down and Amber found herself in a situation she never thought she would be in, a single mom of a four-year old autistic son. Life seemed too hard to navigate alone. She couldn't do it any more and wanted to explore God and what He seemed to be putting in front of her. So she did it; they moved to the ranch.

It's been a year now, and God gave us another boat for this summer, too. Then the unthinkable happened. Trey knee boarded all by himself! This little boy, who isn't supposed to be able to put three instructions together at one time, jumped in the water, got his lesson, and he did it. He even gave his two thumbs up when he fell off and was in the lake alone while we circled back to get him.

So, you get the idea of how we met and a little bit about their story. Below is a poem that Amber wrote to share what God is doing in their lives today. God is in the business of changing lives like Amber & Treyton's. Because of people like Chuck at California Skier and people who pray, donate, volunteer, or simply pass the word, we get to watch stories like this happen right in front of our eyes.

Life seemed too hard to navigate alone.


Desolate spaces, she could see no end,
When God sent a boat full of fishers of men.
Her little boy’s wish, to ride on the water,
But something deeper was done by our Heavenly Father.


“Can I ride on your boat?” the little boy asks,
And they got on, no thoughts of the past.
The four-year old with autism, still struggling with speech,
His father imprisoned, forever out of reach.

The mother who’d been on her knees for years,
Crying out to a God she didn’t even think could hear.
And every time she got up, everything was the same,


Alone, struggling, dark, she thought nothing had changed.
What she didn’t know was God’s timing was just right,
All of this struggle leaving her toward His plan for their life.

The email was sent before they even left that shore,
To a place called 5Rock, and God threw open the doors.
They moved to the ranch, faith the only plan,
And a hope that if there was a God, they’d be safe in His hand.

A year has gone past and this mother has changed,
Faith and trust daily replacing all the fear and strain.
It was a scary transition but her heart fills with light,


Every time her little boy grins up at her and says,

“mom! I love our life!”
Or when he sees someone struggling or having a hard day,
And he tells them God has a plan and then starts to pray.

Now she watches her son, on this year’s boat from the shore,
Speech no longer an issue, he talks up a storm.
The wind in their hair, both happy and loved,
In the course of another boat ride, she sees how far he’s come.

He gets up on the kneeboard at only age 5,
A confident, strong little athlete, brimming with pride.
And anytime she feels alone, or scared that God’s grace will end,
She remembers that God loved her enough to send

a boat full of fishers of men.

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