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Our Wish List

Our goal is to provide everything our single mom families or residents need. This includes personal and hygiene supplies, clothes, and household needs.  We also have respite single moms & kids who we help as we are able.  This includes their stay at the ranch, special retreats & holidays (including Christmas presents), and great food.

Ranch Needs

  • Toilet paper (Costco & Amazon wish list kind)

  • Ziploc bags - all sizes

  • Black trash liners for large cans (Costco lawn & leaf fit best)

  • White trash liners (13 gallon)

  • Square boxed tissues

  • Paper plates & bowls - all sizes (Dixie or Chinette)

  • Dryer sheets

  • Toilet bowl cleaner & brushes

  • 2 New simple sewing machines

  • Personal Items:  shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hygiene, etc.

You are welcome to ship items directly to 5Rock Ranch or drop off.  Please contact us to make an appointment for drop off...

(it's a long way to come if no one is here to accept your donation).

We have very limited resources to pick up items, but if you have larger items and don't have a truck, please ask... we might be able to help.

Contact Us

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