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Naomi's Story Continued...

I was very broken when Scott & Christy found me. They had picked me up near Las Vegas where I had lost my children and had been working as a call girl. They brought me to the ranch.
At first I ended up leaving because I had no hope and felt I couldn’t carry on with the requests they were asking of me.
God eventually drew me back to the ranch, using Scott. Scott was the first male figure I had ever seen in my life that was different. I watched him closely for years, waiting for him to make some kind of wrong move, he never did.

I Ended Up Fighting The Good Fight

I ended up fighting the good fight, with the support of Scott & Christy Bradley, daily for about 4 years. They reparented me, the way that all children should be raised. They showed intentional grace & mercy, followed by truth with love, constantly. They taught me how to diligently seek the Lord (Matthew 6:33) and to be in relationship with Him. It changed my life.
I have since moved off of the ranch to become a successful business owner with 25 employees in whom I get to share the gospel with regularly. I have a fully restored relationship with both of my daughters, I have a wonderful spirit filled husband who actively seeks God’s guidance daily & intentionally.  Scott & Christy are still a huge part in my life and continue to mentor, love & unconditionally be there for me through thick and thin.

I Thank The Lord Every Day

I don't know what I would have done if God wouldn’t have led me to the ranch. I believe I would have died in Vegas somewhere. I thank the Lord every day for this special hidden gem in the woods that God had ordained for people like me. It is extremely special & I fully support what they are doing.  God changes lives through 5Rock Ranch.


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