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Laura's Story Continued...

My friend told me about 5Rock Ranch and the heart of the ministry and during two visits to Oregon, I spent much time at 5Rock before I moved to Oregon.  Upon moving, I decided this ministry is where I wanted to spend my time to volunteer. It felt very much like home and everyone was so welcoming. God used this experience to help me realize that I wasn't there only to minister to others but to be ministered to as well. Here is where I wrestled with my own identity in God, as a young woman who grew up in a Christian home and was very involved in youth ministry in Indiana, to know God in a deeper way for myself. 

I Grew In Confidence As The Person Who God Made Me To Be

I grew in confidence as the person who God made me to be, to be comfortable in my own skin, to grow in intimacy (in-to-me-see) with my relationship with God and with others. Living together in community for almost 3 years was an experience of growing in the fruits of spirit (Galatians 5). There were many challenges as well as many joys. 
During this season of my life, I was able to take advantage of the beautiful landscape where the ranch is located and go on many "walks with God" as I called them.

Here God's Presence And Holy Spirit Are Strongly Felt

Here God's presence and Holy Spirit is strongly felt.  Through my experiences of volunteering, living and experiencing growth and unity here, a home away from home, a place of refuge and rest. A place of opportunity to be still in God's presence and learn to hear His voice.


During this time here at 5Rock is also where I met and later married my husband. Together we have two beautiful children and have the opportunity to teach and raise them up in the ways of the Lord and His Word because of the foundation we were able to build in our own relationship with God.


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