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Life On The Ranch
Leads To A New Life Off The Ranch

"This is a safe haven for all who come...This is God's home at the end of the road, all who come can shed a heavy load, his arms are open wide at the end of the road."                                                                                              --Ralph Bruckart, 2018

Undeniably God Stories

People come and stay at 5Rock Ranch for a few weeks to a year or more. 

They come seeking help, hope, and truth; and find God's grace here.

He provides refuge. He restores. He renews. And, He establishes each person as only God can.

Danielle's Story

Hello. I thought I would message you our experience at 5Rock Ranch. I had come to the end of myself. I had been saved as a child, but ran from God for 15 years. In that year, I had lost my kid’s father which put me over the edge of the already difficult life I was leading.


Chey's Story

About 6 years ago now, Jesus brought a young lady straight from Jail. Her name was Cheyenne. She was a heroin addict for decades, and her life was filled with pain, violation and trauma beyond most of our imaginations. 

Chey left jail and went on the Journey here at 5Rock. She met Jesus, and fell in love with Him. She felt called to serve “people like her” and thought that meant leaving to a foreign mission field. So she did, but the Lord said “I want your mission field to be in your own sandbox”… so she returned to 5Rock.  


Treyton's Story

Fishers of "little" Men

The story of how our two worlds collided start with this boat... "God's Family Lifeboat." It's crazy, but God really did give us (5Rock) a boat for the summer.


Alana's Story

Little did I know that on the day that I called 5Rock Ranch from a state of desperation, because my life had become so unbearable due to addiction, and homelessness something that I created on my own, was about to change my life forever.


Naomi's Story

Before the ranch had found me, I had grown up with no structure or any kind of healthy guidance. By the age of 11 I was a full blown meth addict. This carried on until I was 30 years old.


Laura's Story

As a young woman from Indiana who loved to utilize my summers for missions trips, I met another young woman from Oregon on such a missions trip.  We quickly became good friends and through a series of events and my friend's persistency, I moved to Oregon.

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