Our passion has always been to find and help troubled kids, runaways and those who were floundering. Floundering to us is that struggle to prevent from drowning. It's a horrible place to be because you're giving everything to not drown, but you can't seem to get to a place where you can swim out of your situation. We've been so privileged to be able to reach out and pull people out of a floundering situation, and put them in safe place.

We’ve known and believed since we first met through and the first days of our marriage, that God promised us a place where we could take in hurting, struggling people and provide refuge, hope and restoration. Over the years, we had over 100's of “strays” as we called them, come to live with us and our three boys. We held regular jobs, and kept busy raising our family and serving our church. We knew God called us to serve Him by loving on broken people.

We had been married 28 years when God told us to sell everything we owned and be ready to move. In faith, we sold everything, even our home, and moved into a very tiny rental house in Wilsonville, Oregon.

We waited for our new journey to begin.

Our grown kids moved back home… and our nephew and niece moved in… It was a little crowded. Then, in 2006, God found a place for our journey to begin. A family in Medford, Oregon had purchased The Flying M Ranch. They gave it to us for $1 a year rent, if we would establish it as place of ministry for the fatherless, the foundering, single moms and those who have strayed from God.

This was indeed a miracle and the first of a million “Undeniably God” mini miracles that have allowed us to be part of this ministry for over nine years. We can’t tell you how many times, in the face of mechanical and equipment failures, or financial need, out of nowhere God sent people who found it in their hearts to help.

God had promised us that he would provide a place for ministry. We never dreamed it would be a place like the Flying M. We renamed it 5Rock Ranch with a mission to restore Faith, Hope and Love. This is God’s Ranch, a place that is “Undeniably God”.